Private Sessions

Private Sessions

Let one of our instructors help you today!

Not every student does well in a crowded classroom. If you require more attention, and do better with one-on-one sessions, we provide private sessions that can be held online or in person. This ensures that you get the attention required to understand difficult course material.

Give us more information

Let us know which topics you would like our instructor to cover, this way he/she will be prepared with exercises and problems that can help you

Choose where and when

Sessions can be held in-person or online. Choose the method and time that works best for you. We will do our best to arrange time that works for you.

Our team will contact you

After checking the instructor schedule, one of our representatives will contact you to confirm the date and time for the session

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One of our great instructors is looking to help you! Click on the following button and complete the form and one of our representatives will contact you

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