About EST Academy

EST Academy was founded in 2016. Since then, we have been one of Canada's fastest growing tutoring company. We are a welcoming and inclusive online community, and a leader in providing more than 30 courses that support students around the world.

EST Academy's unique tutoring tools and technologies provide students with diverse and relevant viewpoints to open their minds and broaden their thinking, skills, and interests, unlocking their potential.

With our team of qualified instructors, and with a focus on connectivity and targeted learning objectives, we do education right!

Group Review Sessions
Using the distant learning technology developed by EST Academy’s IT team, we provide group review sessions designed to meet academic objectives in the institutions that we partner with.
Private Sessions
At EST, we understand that not every student does well in a group session. Private sessions are the best way to ensure that students get the attention needed to understand difficult course material.
Recorded Sessions
All of our group and private sessions will be recorded. Students will have the option to revisit the recording at any time during the semester.
24/7 Student Support Team
Through our support team on Facebook, students will be able to post questions related to their courses and get answers from one of our instructors.

Our management team always look for opportunities to expand to new markets where we can support more students.

  • Jadwal.org: we founded this website to provide our services to students in the Middle East. All of our instructors at Jadwal are Arabic speakers with an outstanding experience, which make it easier for students to understand the subjects that we are covering.
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